Revelation Prophecy

Not many people really understand the book of Revelation and it can be somewhat daunting when you first read it. The Bible tells us to read the Bible "Here a little there a little" ( Isaiah 28:10 ) otherwise the brain can't process all the information.

In 2006/07 I prayed for understanding of the scriptures and gradually I began to understand the Bible Prophecies particularly the Book of Daniel and Revelation.

The following pages represent the understanding I have achieved over the past decade.

The Messages to the Seven Churches in Revelation 1 to 3

The Throne Room in Heaven in Revelation 4

The Opening of the Scroll with Seven Seals in Revelation 5

The seven trumpets in Revelation 8 and 9

The Little Book and the Two Witnesses in Revelation 10 and 11.

The Woman the Child and Satan in Revelation 12

The Sea Beast in Revelation 13

The Beast with Two Horns like a Lamb in Revelation 13

​The Lamb and the 144,000 in Revelation 14

​The Seven Bowls of Wrath in Revelation 15 and 16

​Babylon and the Ten Kings in Revelation 17 and 18

The Great Multitude and Armageddon Revelation 19

​The Thousand Year Reign in Revelation 20

The New Jerusalem in Revelation 21

​I am Coming Quickly in Revelation 22